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Parlgae Scrubber

Parlgae Scrubber

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This ParlaScrubber provides an easy way to transfer heat to your aquarium via Light. It is not very efficient but in a pinch it adds a little heat to your aquarium water.

still in development. Presently my prototype is working great but I have to clean nuisance algae from the mesh approximately every week or it clogs the heater.

The top hole, or water inlet, is 3/8" NPT tapped to provide an optimal number of connection possibilities. a 3/8" barb end is included.

The bottom hole, or drain, is expansive so it should not clog and can be modified with an included water sleuth/baffle to reduce splashing and noise.

A large mesh insert, extra mounting clips, and an extra water-wand is provided.

This is designed to work with many available light fixtures. I include one similar to this:

Up to four can be mounted on the case.



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