• What we do:

    3D printed, cnc-milled, and creatively sourced products for the savy aquarist.

  • We offer 3D Printed, CNC-milled, hand-crafted, and creatively sourced aquarium products, custom design, and other contract services to improve our customers' experience.

  • We aim to provide easy to use solutions for common and specialty aquarist needs.

  • You can do it!

    About us:

    We are presently using the Royal We... I am just a stay-at-home dad trying to fund my hobby and share some of the fun things I cook up. My kids are going to school more now so I have time and want to do this instead of going corporate. Please help by buying any products you find useful. Thanks! Sam

  • Contact us:

    Once you create an account, you will be presented with an email form to contact us in your account homepage. You can also get in touch with me on Reef2Reef.com @Projects With Sam.

    Thanks for your patience and patronage.