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ParlAStir Kalkwasser stirrer - small

ParlAStir Kalkwasser stirrer - small

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This large capacity kalkwasser stirrer can handle almost any requirements thrown at it.

I have tested it at 90ml/hour but believe it can deliver as much, if not more than as 300ml of fresh fully-saturated Kalkwasser per hour.

The 6" cylinder delivers over 2 gallons of mixing volume so you can be sure there is plenty of room for the kalkwasser to settle so you're not dosing a slurry.

PVC construction (2 bottom discs are cnc-milled out of extruded PVC sheet stock) and PVC-cement used to ensure a durable product.

Genuine UNISEAL used for the 1/2" overflow.

Toolless disassembly and assembly for easy cleaning.

Powerful 30rpm Worm Gear Motor with 6kg/cm² torque.

Configurable timer relay to control the motor.

Tested with up to two cups of Kalkwasser mix at a time.

 Timer comes pre-set for effortless mixing and a User Manual for is included if customization is desired. 

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