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6" Filter Sock Cup - Filter Sock Replacement System

6" Filter Sock Cup - Filter Sock Replacement System

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Filter Sock cup for 6" Filter Sock holders. Getting tired of dealing with those huge filter socks? Look no-further...

There are two ways to get the perfect filtering replacement for felt or mesh filter socks:

  • Complete:
    1. Use some filter floss.
    2. Use included template and cutout as many disks of 'ParlaFilterPad' as you want. **Or buy pre-cut 'ParlaFilterPad' from me - Coming as soon as I can teach my kids how to use scissors**
      -multiple size templates included are so one can easily layer their filtering and to use the excess filter floss from the larger sized disks.
    3.  Stack your 'ParlaFilterPads' with other media like filter fiber or keep them plain; any-way you want, and don't look back.
  • Good'nuf:
    1. Use some filter fiber.
    2. Stuff the filter fiber into the 'ParlACup'. **Optionally add a 'ParlaFilterPad'** 
    3.  Be on your way.

  • Cleanup?
    1. Pull your 'ParlACup' out of your 7" Filter sock holder.
    2. Wait until the water drains from the cup.
    3. Tip the cup over a garbage can and shake. **Optionally rinse** 
    4. See steps 'Complete' or 'Good'nuf'.

The special baffle at the top of the 'ParlACup' works with the 'ParlaFilterPad' to direct water into the middle of the cup instead of down the side.

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