Collection: CO2 Scrubbing Skimmer Caps

Recirculating CO2 Scrubbers that sit right on your skimmer.

3D printed skimmer cap that recirculates protein skimmer gasses through soda lime to scrub it of CO2.

The cap is designed to sit on top of your existing skimmer cap. It has an air gap and ports to allow overflowing skimmer liquids to seep out. Once the waste gas is out of the skimmer, it is in the ParlaScrubber; it passes through a grate and enters the soda lime portion. the soda lime can be in a bag or loose. Once through the soda lime, the waste gas, now hopefully free of CO2 is then sucked into the skimmer air intake.

The top cap has two 6.5mm O.D. (RODI) tubes protruding from the rim. These tubes should be attached to the skimmer air input.

This key provides a guide for the sizes:

90mm AquaMaxx Bullet 2 Hang-On Back Skimmer
103mm AquaMaxx Bullet 3 Hang-On Back Skimmer
142mm  CADlights PLS-150
150mm UltraReef UKB-120
160mm Simplicity 240 DC
162mm Reef Octopus Classic 150
164mm Bubble Magus Curve 7 Elite
167mm designed
171mm Akula 160
191mm Maxspect SK400
217mm Dalua GW-17
244mm Eshopps S300
Custom / New sizes  If your skimmer is not listed, contact me through your account email here or in R2R and I can add it.


This product also functions as an effective block to prevent liquid movement. If filter pad or activated carbon is inserted instead of soda lime it can be used to prevent skimmer waste from entering a canister-style CO2 scrubber setup.