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ParlaRoller 24x10

ParlaRoller 24x10

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The ParlaRoller is unequalled in its ease of media change*. No other roller-style filter makes it as easy to change the media**. Nor does any other filter make it as easy to see the status of the remaining and spent media***. Also. This may be the quietest gravity-based roller-style filter currently available****.


The ParlaRoller 24x10 is designed to span a two foot sump. It can handle receiving water from multiple tanks via an expansive (6.5"x19") basin and filtering it at down to 30 microns. The filtration bay is a giant 10"x19" with a thick polycarbonate grate supported by a 1/2" pvc sheet with octagonal openings supporting the filtration fleece.


If the media in the filtration bay becomes too clogged, the water level rises and redundant optical sensors trigger a high power geared motor housed within a low-profile filtration roll to run and advance the media so new media is exposed to the water flow. The old media and the waste caught up in it is rolled up out of the water onto an easily disposable waste roll.


Once it is time to remove the spent media, It is as convenient as removing a single nylon bolt and sliding out all the electronics needed for the PrarlaRoller to operate. The spent media roll slides off the motor casing for easy disposal. Slide a newly 3D-printed spent media roll, attach the fresh media and you're ready to filter! See the video for a demonstration on media changing.


Constructed out of PVC, Nylon, and PETG with electrical components, these filters balance simplicity with function. Once the Motor and controller is removed, (one nylon bolt) the whole filter can be soaked to clean.


These images are of the prototype. More to follow of an actual production unit.


Contact Sam via email or R2R to discuss if you are interested or want something custom.


Coming soon: ParlaRoller 24x10, 18x5, 18x10, 15x5, 13x5

*: see **.
**: see ***.
***: see ****.
****: claims may not be accurate but for all these purposes, they are pretty fun to say.
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